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International Pensions

Do you have multiple private and/or state pensions in different jurisdictions. Whilst it is great to have built up different pension pots from different employments it can be something of an administrative burden keeping a close eye on these international pensions. In some cases it can be difficult simply obtaining regular statements so you can keep up to date with the performances of your pensions. It is because of this that we offer an international pensions consolidation service - the aim being to add transparency and ease of management to your lifetime pensions. To find out more about this service please (contact us).

UK Pension Transfer

Do you have pension accrued in the UK or a previous country? If so, we can assist you in finding a current valuation for your pension and advise you on the current state of your previous companies pension fund. Following this, if it then becomes clear that releasing your pension is the best advice, we can recommend the various options available to you. Click on the button below to find out more.


Are you affected by FATCA?

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