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About Us

Our Company

An international and entirely independent financial advisory, offering a number of financial solutions individually tailored  to the specific requirements of each of our clients. 

We are an independent financial advisory here to deliver an unparalleled advisory service to every one of our clients. At CN Goodall, we pride ourselves on the strong, personal relationship we hold with each of our clients and consider the longevity of these relationships of the upmost importance.

Offering a wide range of solutions specifically tailored towards each of our clients, we are able to assist you in all matters financial and ensure that only the highest level of advice is provided. As a client of CN Goodall, you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that you have a company to both trust and rely on.


Our Mission

As far as missions go, ours is extremely simple. When a client reaches the end of their relationship and time with us, we ask one question. Are they in a better position now than when they joined us? There is only one acceptable answer to this question in our opinion and that is ‘yes’. Yes, we have improved their situation. Yes, we have provided value throughout and yes, we were able to deliver what it is was we promised.

Our single desire is to do the best we can for each client. To serve them as required and find the best possible solutions to suit those requirements. Beyond this, our mission extends to ensuring we have the best knowledge within the industry, that we offer only the best solutions available and ultimately set and maintain the highest possible standard.

Our Process

As far as delivering our services go, we are as flexible as required by each client. Whether this means us visiting you or you coming to us, a quick 30 minute meeting or 2 hour session, we are happy to oblige as required.


Step One

The first step is to simply meet you and learn a bit about you and your goals. This will help us establish where we can best be of service to you.


Step Two

The next step is to decide on the best solutions for your circumstances. This will involve presenting you with a report of our recommendations for you.


Step Three

The final step is to then implement a plan or solution specific to you and ultimately maintain an active relationship for as long as you choose to remain our client.

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